Main Courses

Lahem Meshwi   £9.95    لحم مشوي

Tender lamb cubes grilled on skewers with tomato and onions.

Shish Taouk    £8.95     شيش طاووق

Cubes of chicken breast marinated in garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, grilled on skewers.

Lamb Kafta    £8.50      كفتة لحم

Minced lamb, onion and parsley grilled on skewers. Optional (tarator sauce)

Chicken Kafta   £8.25          كفتة دجاج

Miniced chicken, onion, parsley, peppers and garlic grilled on skewers.

Kastaleta    £9.95   كستليتة

Grilled  lamb chops served with grilled green peppers.

Jawaneh Mashwiyeh  £8.25    جوانح مشويه Grilled marinated chicken wings served with garlic sauce.

Mixed Grill    £10.95 مشاوي مشكلة

Lamb cubes, minced lamb and marinated chicken cubes served with grilled onion and tomato.

Half  Roasted Chicken  £6.25    نصف دجاجة مشوية

Marinated chicken served with rice,  pasta or fries

Whole Roasted Chicken  £11.50   دجاجة كاملة مشوية

Marinated chicken served with rice, pasta or fries

Chicken Shawarma  £6.50        شاورما دجاج

Slices of marinated chicken roasted

Lamb Shawarma   £6.95    شاورما لحم

Slices of marinated lamb roasted.

Mixed Shawarma   £8.50         شاورما مشكلة

Slices of marinated lamb and chicken roasted.

Tarbush Chicken Shawrama £6.95   طربوش شاوما دجاج

Slices of marinated chicken roasted cooked on griddle with spices, onion  and soya sauce

Arabic Shawarma   £7.50        شاورما عربية

      Special bread with garlic sauce, pickles and toasted

Chicken Escalope   £8.95   اسكلوب دجاج

Breaded chicken breast served with chips.

Bamia Bilahem   £7.95     بامية باللحم

Okra cooked with lamb, tomato sauce, onions, garlic, fresh coriander served with rice.

Tarbush Mansaf   £9.95  طربوش منسف

Lamb cooked with yoghurt served with rice topped parsley and nuts.

Chicken Steak   £6.50             ستيك دجاج

Marinated chicken cooked with onion, pepper and soya sauce cooked on griddle

Cream  Chicken   £8.50     دجاج بالكريمة

      Marinated chicken cooked in the grill, mixed with double cream

 Frekah Lamb   £9.95                                        فريكة لحم

Fried wheat topped with peas, nuts and lamb served with yoghurt.

Frekah  Chicken   £8.50               فريكة دجاج

Fried wheat topped with peas, nuts and chicken served with yoghurt.

Chicken Tagine   £7.95                 طاجين دجاج

Slow cooked chicken stew with onions herbs, roasted potatoes and green olives served with rice or couscous.

Lamb Tagine    £8.95              طاجين لحم

Very slowly cooked lamb stew with onions herbs, and the finest Moroccan spices complemented by prunes and boiled eggs.

Lamb Quzi    £8.50                 لحم غوزي

Lamb boiled in mixed spiced water



Vegetarian main courses


Bamia Beziet (v)   £6.50             بامية بالزيت

Okra cooked with onions, tomatoes and fresh coriander served with rice.

Moussakaa (v)   £6.50                        مسقعة

Baked seasoned aubergine cooked with tomato sauce, onions, peppers and chickpeas served with rice.

Vegetable Couscous (v)  £6.50                   كسكس بالخضار

Slow cooked vegetables and tomato stew with a touch of Moroccan spices served with on a bed of steam couscous.




Sea Bass    £10.95         سمك سيباس

Grilled sea bass served with rice, chips or salad.

King Prawns    £10.95                 قريدس

Grilled king prawns topped with special sauce served with rice.

Salmon     £10.95   سالمون

Grilled Salmon with mixed spices



Butter Milk Chicken Burger   £5.50               برغر دجاج

American cheese, pickle, coleslaw and mayo sauce served with chips.

Juicy Lucy Beef Burger    £5.95                     برغر بقر

Beef patty stuffed with cheese, avocado, grilled onions and mayo sauce served with chips.

Stack Veggie Burger (v)    £4.95                   برغر خضار

Grilled Portobello mushroom, pepper, halloumi, spring onion and hommus served with chips.



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